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Stretch to Win 2nd edition (2017)
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Great 8™ Mobility Program by Stretch to Win® - pectoralis minor et al

Posted By Chris Frederick, Tuesday, August 8, 2017
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In my last post, I discussed the fourth of the Great 8 (aka “the G-8”) key muscles and their fascial connections – latissimus dorsi. That completes the “Core 4” of the lower body, with the lats bridging the fascial connection between the lower & upper body.

Here we continue with the “Core 4” of the upper body to complete the Great 8 – starting with the key muscle pectoralis minor along with the fascial net within which it lies called the Deep Front Arm Net.

Instead of performing an isolated mobility exercise or stretch of the pec minor, a functional fascial anatomy approach recognizes the rest of the connected net: coracobrachialis, short head of the biceps brachii, fascia of the radius continuing into the wrist & muscles of the thumb. Associated one joint muscles also go for the ride when the arm is held or used away and out to the side of the body: long head of the biceps, brachialis, supinator, wrist & finger flexors. The pectoralis major & Superficial Front Arm Net will also be affected to greater or lesser degrees depending on positioning biases of the arm/hand with rotation and pronation/supination (those details not discussed here).

Common dysfunctions that may be corrected when mobilizing & stretching the pec minor & its Deep Front Net include: forward shoulder & head, thoracic outlet syndrome, some categories of paresthesias including carpal tunnel syndrome (i.e. radiating pain or soreness down shoulder and/or arm/hand) & more.

Simply follow the attached video, which coaches you through the entire movement for both sides of your body.


  • Self assessment
  • If you have any problems getting into the position, doing the movement or have discomfort like pinching in your shoulder or anywhere else, then find a local Fascial Stretch Therapy Provider in our directory here: 
  • If the movement causes or increases pain, then stop and see a health professional to determine the cause of the pain.


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LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: the content on this blog is for information purposes only and does not constitute medical advise of any kind. If you have pain, any medical condition, have any disability or any doubts about your physical abilities, then consult a physician to determine if you may perform the movements in our videos.




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