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Stretch to Win 2nd edition (2017)
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Great 8™ Mobility Program by Stretch to Win® - levator scapulae & the Power Net

Posted By Chris Frederick, Sunday, August 13, 2017
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(Note: please see my first blog under the Great 8 topic for visual table of the G-8)

I discussed the third of the Core 4 of the upper body key muscles - rhomboids - and their fascial connections of what we have named the ‘Power’ (aka Spiral) Net.

Here we continue with the fourth & last key muscle & the fascial net within which it lies – the levator scapulae & the Deep Back Arm Net Net.

Most manual therapists & others would agree that many of their clients/patients have active & latent trigger points (‘TPs’). And even for those who do not believe in the concept of TPs, it would be difficult to argue against the existence of what their clients/patients would call “knots, ropes &/or tightness” in the region of the levator scapulae (& of course, the upper trapezius).

There is a technique called “The Butterfly” in Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™) that Ann Frederick created, that she claims often eliminates or resolves all active TPs in the upper traps & levator scap. I have definitely observed this to be true many, many times since I learned FST in 1998. And I have heard this to be true from many of our thousands of students.

Some of the common dysfunctions that are helped with this stretch include: elimination or reduction of TPs in the neck/shoulder, headaches, shoulder tightness/pain, down regulates the nervous system.


Simply follow the attached video, which coaches you through the entire movement for one side of your body, so be sure to repeat other side.


  • Self assessment
    • Do the movement on both sides to determine if there is an imbalance.
    • Start and end with the tighter side, otherwise it doesn't matter.
    • Re-assess the movement when done to see if both sides have improved with symmetrical mobility. If not, repeat tight one.
  • If you have any problems getting into the position, doing the movement or have discomfort like pinching in your shoulder or anywhere else, then find a local Fascial Stretch Therapy Provider in our directory here: 
  • If the movement causes or increases pain, then stop and see a health professional to determine the cause of the pain.


Important note:
If one cannot resolve chronic neck tightness or discomfort in one’s neck from the levator scap stretch shown in the attached video or in the rest of the G-8 program, I suggest finding a local FST provider on our directory at  FST providers have been trained to assess, treat & train your fascia system based on your individual needs & goals. The result is faster, more effective outcomes that you can them maintain on a self-mobility program that is designed for you.


LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: the content on this blog is for information purposes only and does not constitute medical advise of any kind. If you have pain, any medical condition, have any disability or any doubts about your physical abilities, then consult a physician to determine if you may perform the movements in our videos.




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