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The Stretch To Win Institute Blogs

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Blog Name / Description No. of Posts Last Activity
2 12/15/2016
2 5/9/2016
Evaluation & assessment of clients/patients
The topic of subjective and physical evaluation and assessments is complex and lengthy, worthy of its own extensive text. Integrated with that are methods of assessment unique to Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™). This blog will focus on the essentials necessary for optimal outcomes for FST and other therapy or training methods.
1 2/2/2017
"An increasing body of scientific evidence shows that chronic inflammation causes and advances many common diseases. This opens new possibilities for treatment and therapy by blocking the inflammatory processes" (from This blog is dedicated to adding reliable and valid information to help practitioners with practical strategies they can implement now to reduce inflammation factors in the lives of themselves, their family and friends and their clients and patients.
2 12/30/2016
2 11/5/2015
Olympics & FST
Ann Frederick was hired as the first flexibility specialist in the Olympics in 1996 for the Mens Freestyle Wrestling team. Since then, the presence of FST in the Olympics has steadily grown. Read this blog to stay current with FST in the Olympics and what athletes are using FST to enhance performance and recovery.
2 8/18/2016
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2 3/30/2017