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Surprising health risk in your home and at work

Posted By Chris Frederick, Saturday, December 17, 2016

In my experience, most practitioners and other professionals in health, wellness and fitness that I come in contact with or read about have heard of the ‘inflammation theory’. My search in PubMed turned up one article that stated, “An increasing body of evidence shows that chronic, [low grade] inflammation causes and advances many common diseases. This opens new possibilities for treatment and therapy by blocking the inflammatory processes.”

Although science has not yet proven that there is a unified theory of inflammation, many professionals now promote various ways to remove inflammatory factors from your life. Personally (and professionally), I agree with the basic principles of identifying and eliminating as many factors as possible. Certainly I want to do this for my loved ones and me. But I also want to do that for my FST Family (aka my graduates), their family and their clients. And anyone else that is searching for reliable and valid ways to improve health and extend life.

While many (including myself) follow a lifestyle of anti-inflammation as much as possible there is one HUGE factor that I don’t see addressed in the mainstream or alternative press and media. I don’t see it being mentioned anywhere. Health e-zines, newsletters, blogs, even top gurus in health and fitness are not speaking about it.

Maybe it’s because you can’t see it, feel it or taste it. Maybe it’s because there just hasn't been the right technology to do anything about it. Until now that is, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

“Eat clean, drink clean, live clean” are phrases I have heard a lot in the health, fitness and functional medicine fields over the past couple of years. If you haven’t heard of that, it basically means go back to fundamentals – avoid processed foods and beverages and eat as close to the original way organic food and beverages were sourced, with minimal cooking in order to maximize nutrients.

Yet there is one crucial thing missing from that lifestyle. That one thing is even more important at this time of year – autumn and winter – when less time is traditionally spent outdoors and windows are kept shut for the most part.

What most professionals do not know (therefore never mention) is that this situation can add multiple risk factors that studies show can increase inflammation in your body. These risk factors all come from one source – indoor air. Yes, it is time to add “Breathe clean” to your list of action steps, if you to want to truly remove inflammation risk factors from your life as well as others you care about.


First, the evidence:

I provided 3 reliable sources for you to reference if you want scientific evidence showing shocking links between air pollution (outdoor and indoor) and disease. If you’d rather save this for later reading, you can skip to the next section to see what you can do now to ‘breathe clean’.

·      “Ambient and household air pollution: complex triggers of disease”

o   Link:

o   2014 article in the American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulation Physiology

o   Looked at last 5 years of animal, clinical, and epidemiological studies.

·      Air pollution and cardiovascular disease

o   Excellent TEDx video with MD, PhD student explaining the links but what hit me was mention of evidence showing that fine particles of pollution actually enter the mitochondria DNA and cause oxidative stress!

o   Link:

·      “Air pollution impairs cognition, provokes depressive-like behaviors”

o   Evidenced informed study results suggest pollution exposure leads to a tonic up-regulation of inflammatory markers that may have a contributory role in neurodegenerative disorders:


My personal experience

If you are one of my Level 3 FST graduates, then you know that my wife and I live on agricultural property (because you guys get to come to our home to party!). That means we have septic tanks to process waste from our kitchen and bathrooms. One day, there was a horrible odor…there was a backup somewhere…down there.

It was so bad (from our master bathroom) that I called a friend of mine who I hoped could help. He was involved in a company that pioneered new technology that literally removed odor quickly, quietly and permanently. I needed it NOW and after I brought the portable unit home, it took about 1 hour to completely remove the entire odor until we got the plumber to fix the source of the problem.

My concern at that time was not only the odor but also the hours of exposure to the odor while we slept. Breathing in toxic gases from bacteria while our bodies were supposed to be healing while sleeping was not going to happen if I could help it! Yet even after we had the septic system fixed, we kept the air-cleaning unit on because we noticed that our bedspreads and clothing in the closet now had a clean, fresh smell. It reminded me of when I was a kid and my mom used to hang out our clothing on a line to dry from the wash. I’ll never forget how fresh my clothing and bed sheets both smelled and felt after a day out in the sun and air. 

Well that same experience happened when we used this unit, which is called OHAir® MySpace™. Not only did it remove odor, it also eliminated all bacteria, mold, viruses, pollen and other nasty micro-critters that lurked on any surface exposed to air. It literally destroyed many of the factors present in indoor air that perniciously cause inflammation in our bodies while we work or are in our homes. And of course we know that inflammation interrupts healing and causes many diseases and common disorders of our lungs, gastrointestinal system, skin, sleep, energy, mood and so much more.  Even our most advanced institutions of medicine have no answers how to prevent much less treat many of those diseases and disorders.

That is the reason why I felt the need to write this piece. So as many people as possible know that they can have some control over the air they breathe. You can protect yourself (and loved ones) even if you cannot remove the source of the pollution. And many will feel an immediate difference from the removal of toxins that they have unknowingly been breathing. Or absorbing through their skin by being in contact with surfaces like furniture, floors, counters, beds and clothing. You can now add ‘Breathe clean’ and ‘Live clean’ to your healthy lifestyle.


Organic air – how you can make it

Organic food, beverages, clothing, bedding, building materials, landscaping and now…organic air! The OHAir MySpace unit makes an organic molecule found in nature called the hydroxyl. It is like having an organic air generator.

In brief, the technology used in the unit replicates Mother Nature’s purification process by creating atmospheric hydroxyls. Atmospheric hydroxyls are naturally occurring oxidants that are created in the atmosphere when the suns ultraviolet rays react with water vapor in the air and are critical in keeping the earth’s atmosphere clean.

OHAir MySpace creates atmospheric hydroxyls indoors which safely move through the air and along surfaces killing unwanted bacteria, viruses, mold spores, volatile organic compounds (VOCs are toxic gasses emitted from many sources) and odor molecules. When the atmospheric hydroxyls find these contaminants they destroy the contaminant by breaking down their chemical bonds. The result is organic air circulating in your home, at work and into your lungs, cells and tissues.


What Practitioners can do

When we had a clinic for almost 20 years, we knew back then that indoor air can make you feel fatigued, stressed and overall, slowly erode your health. So we tried all kinds of units that were popular back then. Unfortunately none of them worked well and we didn't feel any different.

With OHAir MySpace, we felt an immediate difference and know from experience that it can remove toxins that cause odor in the air and on surfaces. So we recommend getting a unit for both your home and workplace so you can finally live, work and breathe clean for all the hours that you cannot get fresh outdoor air. And make it a gift of health for those you love or care about. Here’s the link so you can order 2 units now to start optimizing your health at home and at work (or get started with just 1 unit):

Finally, if you are interested in providing OHAir MySpace units so that your clients/patients may also benefit, then feel free to contact me. There is a huge opportunity that I’d like to share with the right practitioners who leave no stone unturned in their quest for optimal health for themselves, family and friends and their clients. All that’s involved is to provide a link for your clients to order on your website, blog or social media. You can then earn excellent passive revenue with each order. Contact me here if interested:

 #breatheclean #liveclean #organicair #hydroxls

[Note: I do not personally sell anything. Any products or services I endorse are ones I have had direct experience with, benefitted from and highly recommend so others may derive a similar benefit. If you buy any of those products or services, you do so from the manufacturer or their representatives. Therefore any questions on anything purchased should be directed to them. For that, I may or may not receive a small referral fee which I use to re-invest in advancing the vision and mission of the Stretch to Win Institute ( Thanks, CF]  


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