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The Stretch To Win Institute Blogs

Choose from any of the following categories to read the latest Stretch To Win Institute blogs.  You will find several blogs listed in each category.  Want to stay up to date on STW News? Click on a topic below and then click "Subscribe" to be notified when a new blog post hits!

Blog Name / Description No. of Posts Last Activity
Stretch videos
Stretch videos for everyone – all ages, fit or unfit, professional athlete or desk jockey, individual or groups – we have it all (if not now, let us know). For more details and stretches, check out our best-selling book at Amazon: Hardcopy: Kindle: Enjoy and please share!
3 5/7/2020
Stretch to Win Newsletters
3 4/15/2020
Stretch to Win 2nd edition (2017)
Welcome to free content & videos of the BEST mobility & flexibility assessments & programs for all sports & fitness activities! All content in this blog is based on the NEW "Stretch to Win" 2nd edition book by authors & mobility-flexibility experts Ann Frederick & Chris Frederick. The book was released June 2017 & will be supported by this blog, which will contain videos explaining the assessments & programs in the book. However this blog does not replace the book; the book is necessary for understanding the history, method & science behind what makes the Stretch to Win method the fastest, easiest & most effective way to accurately assess your mobility & flexibility for personalized solutions. Resources: Get “Stretch to Win” 2nd edition here: >>> Or >>> Human Kinetics:
12 4/15/2019
What makes Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™) different?
There is a perspective that some professionals in health, sports and fitness hold that regarding assisted stretching in general, “the techniques are all somewhat similar” and “when it comes to stretching, there are only so many ways you can stretch muscle/tissue”. This blog hopes to help explain what makes Fascial Stretch Therapy (or FST) original, different and unique from other systems of stretching. We start with a rather simple explanation along with a brief history of FST. We will then progress in successive posts with other, more detailed and focused topics about the differences in stretching. This will be done in order to help the public and professionals better understand their options when thinking about flexibility and stretching as an option to address pain, movement imbalances and dysfunction and optimizing performance in sports or in life.
1 4/15/2019
Stories of success with Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™)
Stories of success with Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™) are inspiring interviews of FST providers and practitioners or their clients and patients. Enjoy!
3 5/6/2020
1 4/19/2018
This blog is simple when it comes to pain (which is a complex topic). It features true stories about real people & what actually helped them eliminate or greatly modulate pain to the point that they started to feel normal again not only in their body but in their mind and spirit. This is for those who lost hope in our current medical system - there IS a way for you to return to who you really are and NOT live your life defined by pain!
1 10/5/2018
Olympics & FST
Ann Frederick was hired as the first flexibility specialist in the Olympics in 1996 for the Mens Freestyle Wrestling team. Since then, the presence of FST in the Olympics has steadily grown. Read this blog to stay current with FST in the Olympics and what athletes are using FST to enhance performance and recovery.
2 4/15/2019
"An increasing body of scientific evidence shows that chronic inflammation causes and advances many common diseases. This opens new possibilities for treatment and therapy by blocking the inflammatory processes" (from This blog is dedicated to adding reliable and valid information to help practitioners with practical strategies they can implement now to reduce inflammation factors in the lives of themselves, their family and friends and their clients and patients.
2 12/30/2016
Functional Anatomy of Fascia with Gil Hedley, PhD
In this blog + video interview, author Chris Frederick, co-director of The Stretch to Win Institute ( interviews somanaut pioneer & fascia anatomist Gil Hedley, PhD about his 2017 nationwide tour, “What’s The Fuzz?” coming to a city near you. Blog + video features: > description of new fascia anatomy of movement > “Unfixed forms” (frozen cadavers, not embalmed) help to understand movement better > movement of the fascial web > how this tour will help us understand movement better > Focus on 3 types of fascia for distinct perception of what you are touching in your client and what moves passively and actively. > Develop “x-ray” or “fMRI” eyes for enhanced perceptions for better assessments, treatments and movement instruction > Visceral implications
1 10/7/2017
Finding your life purpose
Posts about finding your path and purpose in life.
1 10/1/2018
Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™) in Sports
This blog is about the how & why FST™ is the go-to mobility, flexibility, therapy, training & recovery choice of athletes from professionals down to youth.
2 4/15/2019
Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™) & Athletes - photo gallery
This blog contains photographs of elite athlete clients who use Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™) as an essential part of their training & recovery. Some of them competed in the 2016 Olympics.
21 7/20/2017
Evaluation & assessment of clients/patients
The topic of subjective and physical evaluation and assessments is complex and lengthy, worthy of its own extensive text. Integrated with that are methods of assessment unique to Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™). This blog will focus on the essentials necessary for optimal outcomes for FST and other therapy or training methods.
1 4/15/2019
Can FST help people with ALS?
1 7/19/2017