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New Study Review - Static Stretching

Wednesday, January 27, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Administrator
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NEW STUDY REVIEW: STATIC STRETCHING for 5 minutes a day during warm-up creates significantly less risk for straining or tearing a muscle.


Four distinguished exercise scientists who analyzed more than 200 studies of how stretching affects subsequent exercise found that static stretching can briefly inhibit the ability to generate power. So if you reach for your toes and hold that position, making your hamstrings taut, you might not then be able to leap as high or start a sprint as forcefully as if you hadn’t stretched.


But new evidence shows that was only true if each stretch was held for more than 60 seconds and the subject then immediately became fully active, with no further warm-up. This new review shows positive benefits that improve performance when stretching for less than 60 seconds is integrated with a warm-up.


For about the last 5 years or so many top leaders we all follow in health, fitness & sports have promoted no stretching due to past studies concluding negative impact on athletic power. This includes many of those we follow in fascial research & fascial manual therapy. This new evidence about the positive effects of stretching reveals that those who took an anti-stretch position really did not understand anything about the broad topic of stretching. It also revealed that they did not have actual experience with the wide variety & specific application of stretching as it is used in manual and movement therapy and training.


Lesson to be learned here - Be wary of anyone who writes on, speaks about or teaches from an absolutism perspective regardless of scientific evidence, as the evidence will surely change over time as the mysteries of the dynamics of life are slowly revealed to those with an open heart & mind.


Ann Frederick is a pioneer, standing alone in her particular creation of non-static, movement based assisted stretching for athletes that she started in 1995 at the former Stretch to Win Center in Tempe, AZ. The manual therapy version is now called Stretch To Win Institute Fascial Stretch Therapy™ Training (assisted stretching). The self-stretching version is now called LifeStretch®. Go to for more information on the training for professionals in health, fitness and sports.



To read all about the technique, science, clinical indications & applications that we have used with Fascial Stretch Therapy for the past 20 years, here is my book for manual & movement physicians, therapists, instructors & trainers: Fascial Stretch Therapy. For others who want DIY self-stretching:


Check out the article here

PS Looks like its time to follow up with another debate about stretching like the one Leon Chaitow did in the April 2003 Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies!