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FST Practitioner Directory
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Let us help you find the perfect FST Practitioner!

How to use this search for best results

Currently we do not have a practitioners in every zip code, city or country.  If you do not find someone near you, new practitioners are becoming certified monthly, please check back with us again. 


Get The Most Out Of Our Practitioner Directory

All professionals listed in this Directory are either self-employed or employed by other entities with no legal or business connection to the Stretch to Win Institute. They are not employees, partners or contractors with the Stretch to Win Institute.

Certification must be current to be listed in the STWI Directory
In order to be listed in this Directory, the FST Practitioner must be re-certified every year to maintain their active status. In addition they must be active practitioners that are in good standing with the Institute. This is done so that the public who uses this Directory can be confident in knowing that all professionals are current with our training as well as with our high standards to maintain their skill level. All Practitioners not in compliance lose their certification status, are removed from this Directory, and are no longer considered active, or in good standing with the Stretch to Win Institute.

Do you have a medical condition?
If you are under the care of a physician, then you are obligated to get permission from your doctor to confirm that it is medically safe for you to seek out Fascial Stretch Therapy Practitioner. If there are any precautions or contraindications to your care, you must get a note or prescription from your physician that describes in detail your limitations to participate in FST and any other therapy or training.

If you have a pain or other medical condition, it is highly recommended that you:

  • Choose the highest-level trained FST Practitioner (currently Level 3 FST Medical Specialist) that is available in your area.
  • If there are no Level 3 FST Medical Specialist Practitioner in your area it is recommended that you choose a professional with medical credentials to treat your condition. These credentials are posted in the practitioner's contact information.
  • It is recommended that you call or email a prospective FST Practitioner to see if they are willing to treat you and if they sound like a good fit for your needs.

What are your goals?
If you do not have pain or a medical condition and would still like to try FST, we highly encourage you to contact and define your goals with a potential practitioner. FST practitioners can quickly and easily help you with:

  • Non-medical aches, pains, stiffness, tightness and immobility.
  • Athletic performance enhancement.
  • Posture, range of motion, flexibility, strength.

Reporting unethical or unprofessional conduct
If for any reason you feel that an FST Practitioner listed in this Directory is unethical or unprofessional to you personally in anyway email us. Please be as specific as possible with any information you may have so that we may be adequately informed to help you in this matter and submit your concerns through our contact form found at this link: STWI Contact Form