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STWI Teaching Team
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Teaching team members are listed in alphabetical order


JIM BOSE, Level 3 Fitness & Medical Fascial Stretch Specialist, LCMT, CSCS
Jim is extremely passionate about having a positive impact on each individual he meets and works with.  He began his journey as an athlete which led him to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach in Professional Baseball.  After a career in Professional Baseball, Jim went on to attend Clinical Massage Therapy School and then the Stretch To Win Institute.  His experience and knowledge allows him to bridge the gaps from training and recovery to develop successful programs for his athletes and clients; improving their athletic ability and quality of life.  He continues to further his education by attending regular courses and seminars from the leading health and fitness professionals around the globe. When not training or working, Jim is out enjoying good food and time with friends and family.

MICHAEL BRADY, Level 3 Fitness Fascial Stretch Specialist, CGFI
Mike currently works at Castle Pines Golf Club in Colorado as the Director of Fitness. He's a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor through the Titleist Performance Institute and a Level 3 Fitness Fascial Stretch Specialist. As he has worked with golfers from the pro rank to beginners, it became apparent that flexibility was the weakest link for most golfers. FST has allowed Mike to expand the functional range of motion to help his players get the most out of their equipment and lessons from the pros. Joining the teaching team lets him "pass on this incredible gift" and meet some amazing people. Mike has a degree in Aviation Psychology, Human Factors in Training from the University of Illinois and has flown as a Captain, Check airman and FAA Designated Examiner for Delta Airlines, Inc.


JEREMY GALO, Level 3 Fitness Fascial Stretch Specialist
As a powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting coach, Jeremy is no stranger to strength and conditioning. As a former engineer, he uses his analytical skills to assess each client carefully and addresses each issue systematically to find the most complete solutions to movement dysfunctions. As a coach of barbell sports, he has applied his knowledge of FST to change the way he coaches these sports to help prevent injury and improve performance. Also working with many people of the general population, the care he has for each individual client goes beyond each session ensuring that each client is met with care and is happy with the results. Making the change from a desk job to the fitness industry, Jeremy enjoys working with individuals on a personal level and making real lasting changes in people's health. As a competitive weightlifter himself, Jeremy enjoys all aspects of training while working with other FST therapists to ensure his own body is taken care of as well.


ROBERT GLEAN, Level 3 Medical Fascial Stretch Specialist
Robert has been studying the flow and mechanics of the body for more than 30 years. From designing commercials of moving animated characters, performing on Broadway in the musical Rent, being a well rounded athlete in numerous competitive sports, and a Registered Massage Therapist for the past 12 years in Toronto; he is also a recognized Level 3 Medical Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist working with orthopedic and neurological conditions. His specialty is working with people with spinal cord injuries, and has also extensive practice with sport athletes. His philosophy is if you can rely and trust on someone else to take care of your body, why can’t you trust yourself? It’s never too late.

JON LEMPKE, Level 3 Medical Fascial Stretch Specialist
A personal trainer with a wide clientele from office workers to professional athletes, Jon is known for his gentle yet highly effective FST sessions.  Jon is a Level III FST Specialist and first class teacher assistant with the STWI. His never ending patience and undying dedication to spread of FST worldwide enable him to effortlessly guide others throughout the FST learning process.   A man who walks his talk Jon practices living a healthy and positive lifestyle on a daily basis.  In his spare time you can catch training for fitness competitions or out and about with friends and family.

ALEX MARION, Level 3 Medical Fascial Stretch Specialist, RMT, BASc
Alex has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over a dozen years. He began instructing martial arts before starting his career as a personal trainer with Goodlife Fitness Clubs. Alex currently practices massage therapy while simultaneously mentoring a team of fascial stretch therapists at the prestigious Medcan Clinic. Alex holds a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Kinesiology from the University of Guelph as well as being a Registered Massage Therapist. Currently, Alex continues his pursuit of life-long learning by studying Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. Alex’s philosophy is that the human body is a dynamic unit of interrelated structure and function that it has the capacity to regulate and heal itself when afforded the opportunity. His core belief is that the medium of teaching is his opportunity to empower other health and fitness professionals to improve the quality of life of each and every human being they touch.

KARLA MCCONNELL, Level 3 Medical Fascial Stretch Specialist
Karla has more than 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She is a manual therapist combining her skills as a Certified Athletic Therapist, and Registered Massage Therapist. Her experience includes both on-field application and clinical practice. She has worked with all types of athletes including music theater performers, Olympians, and amateur and professional dancers and athletes. Karla’s career highlights include being the on-site therapist for the films Chicago and Music Man, as well as her two seasons as a traveling therapist with Stars On Ice. Karla has held leadership roles with the Provincial and National governing bodies of Athletic Therapy in Canada and values the opportunity to be a part of the Stretch To Win teaching team. She holds a diploma in Sports Injury Management, Massage Therapy, as well as a doctorate of Acupuncture. When Karla is not teaching, you will find her in her clinic, 2B Free Therapies. Karla is grateful for the gift of being able to help people through touch, therapy and movement. She has built her practice on the core belief that everyone should have the chance to live a fulfilling life; free of pain or restrictions


BEN MCDONALD, Level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist
Ben has been in the fitness industry for 12 years. He has an extensive and varied sporting background including fencing, board diving, and various forms of Mixed Martial Arts. Ben has competed in Cricket, Aikido, Boxing, and Rugby. Ben’s career highlights include training a wide array of people from beginners up to premiership footballers, national champions in boxing, and elite level athletes. Ben has taught for the largest health and fitness training provider in Europe and has been published in multiple many UK based magazines. Ben has developed multiple qualifications, presented internationally, and is considered UK’s leading expert in PowerClub training. Awarded the 2013 recognition award for International Presenting and Work in the Health and Fitness Industry, it is evident that Ben’s passion and energy transfer directly to his students and his love for the industry is contagious. Ben’s core belief is that fitness should be inclusive not exclusive as there is no one way to do it.


STEVE THURSTON, Level 3 Medical Fascial Stretch Specialist, RMT, PTS
Having started in the health field as a Registered Massage Therapist, Steve realized his passion early for helping people feel better and to teach them to move more freely. Steve has taken his passion further by blending Massage Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy and Personal Training together and becoming the go to guy when people need help. Steve's goal is to allow people to go from painful lack of mobility to the freedom to move again and be able to squat like his 5 year old son. Steve truly believes 'Movement is Medicine'.