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Our Workshops

FST Level 1


Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST™) is a complete, full-body functional mobility restoration system created by Ann Frederick and Chris Frederick, PT. Medical and other professionals use FST as a neuromyofascial manual and movement therapy. Personal trainers, movement instructors and others use FST for assisted mobilization, stretching and corrective movement training. All use FST for optimal performance in sports and life, as well as to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself and recover.

After this training, you’ll be able to offer FST as a stand-alone, separate service, or integrate it with other training or therapy you do for better, faster, longer lasting results for your clients.

Many graduates of our training program report a dramatic increase in their income after adding FST services, with some experiencing as much as a double to triple increase in business within 1-3 months time frame.

Most of the assisted stretching and mobility work of FST is done on a thickly padded table with the client fully clothed, supported by portable stabilization straps. It’s a unique system that can be done easily and efficiently, in the privacy of an individual therapy room, or the open, public space of a group fitness facility.

FST is appropriate for all manual and movement therapists, as well as trainers and coaches who want to add a proven system of stretching and mobility restoration to their services. An FST certification, along with the abundant free resources and ongoing support you’ll receive as a member in good standing with the Stretch To Win Institute, allows you to offer clients a revolutionary path to pain management, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, athletic performance, movement re-education, and wellness.

What To Expect During The Live Workshop

Level 1 training begins with the principles, theories, and evidenced-based scientific data regarding hands-on mobility and fascial stretching. We’ll compare and contrast FST with other forms of manual and assisted stretch therapy, including its proven ability to enhance nervous system response, increase strength, and improve mobility and balance. And we include the unique ability of FST to optimize one’s kinesthesia, proprioception and interoception.

You’ll learn the skills necessary to evaluate the state of neuromyofascial tissue mobility and activity of the entire body through tri-planar assessments. After learning how to identify regions of imbalance, you’ll learn the skills necessary to conduct a complete assisted stretch session suitable for most people with common functional imbalances.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of human anatomy

Mandatory Level 1 Coursework (Must be completed before live workshop):
  1. Read Stretch To Win (2nd Edition) and Fascial Stretch Therapy (2nd Edition) books in full
  2. Read all Level 1 study guides
  3. Watch all Level 1 instructional videos (allow a minimum of 3 hours)
  4. Pass online learning module with a minimum score of 80% (open book quiz, allow minimum of 1.5 hours)
  5. If you are lacking in knowledge of anatomy, we recommend the Complete Anatomy App

Where We Teach Level 1: Chandler, Arizona, USA and Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Before you provide FST services to your clients, we strongly recommend that you have current professional liability insurance that includes the service of “assisted stretching.” Contact your professional association for more information.

It is your responsibility to research the laws of your state and city regarding which specific professional certifications allow practitioners to engage in therapeutic touch. You must also research specific liability insurance requirements.

To remove risks of practicing FST without proper licensing and liability coverage, we encourage you to consider a professional certification that includes “assisted stretching” under its scope of practice. We highly recommend getting certified in personal training or becoming a corrective exercise specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).


FST Level 2


In Level 1 training you learned the foundational technique of Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST™). In Level 2 you learn the art of FST. As many trainees have said, “Level 2 is where the magic happens.”

Here’s a brief list of what makes Level 2 ‘magic’:
  • Mobilize and stretch deeper into the joint capsule in order to access missing links to full function and recovery
  • Work further out to the edges of the neuromyofascial net, using more sophisticated patterns of FST spirals and diagonals.
  • Client is much more active, making FST even more functional for the client
  • Many more corrective techniques
  • Learn quick fix solutions that happen in 1 session
  • Learn our Signature moves like The Butterfly, Reverse Hip Opener, The Scorpion and many more!

Requirements: Successful completion of Level 1

Mandatory Level 2 Coursework (Must be completed before live workshop):
  1. Read Stretch To Win (2nd Edition) and Fascial Stretch Therapy (2nd Edition) books in full
  2. Read all Level 2 required articles
  3. Watch all level 2 videos (allow a minimum of 3 hours)
  4. Pass online learning module with a minimum score of 80% (allow minimum of 1.5 hours)

Where We Teach Level 2: Chandler, Arizona and Toronto, Canada


FST Level 3


Level 3 Fitness
Level 3 Medical

FST Level 3 is our most advanced certification program, placing you in an elite group of fascial stretch specialists all over the world. There are two tracks of training—one for fitness professionals, and one for medical practitioners.

Both tracks learn a new and advanced assessment model called S-I-T-T-T™ (Scan-Identify-Test-Treat-Treat again). S-I-T-T-T™ is a system of rapid assessment and treatment developed by Chris Fredrick over his long career as a manual therapist.

Press & Stretch™ is an FST soft tissue technique applied to musculotendinous regions and fascial septum interfaces to rapidly release restrictions that inhibit effective stretching.

Both tracks also learn advanced FST techniques that integrate upper and lower body simultaneously in new and creative ways that truly individualizes the session.

Level 3 Medical has additional focus on medical diagnosis and treatment applications with more emphasis on joint and nervous system mobilization unique to FST.

Fitness Or Medical: How To Choose the Right Track For You

Level 3 Fitness is suitable for those without a medical or healthcare license to treat clients using manual therapy. Examples include:

  1. Personal trainers
  2. Yoga, Pilates and other movement instructors
  3. Strength and conditioning and other coaches
  4. Other group fitness professionals

Level 3 Medical: is restricted to professionals with hands-on training in a wide variety of manual therapies who have earned either a relevant license or valid certification(s). You must also have at least two years of experience working with clients using manual/soft tissue techniques for an average of 20 hours (minimum) per week, no exceptions. Examples include:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Athletic Trainers (must have ATC), Sports Therapists (Canada only)
  • Kinesiologists (Canada only)
  • Massage therapists
  • Oriental Medicine Doctor (OMD)
  • Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Structural Integration practitioners
  • Physical and occupational therapists and PTAs/OTAs
  • Physicians, Physician assistants, nurses

Successful completion of Level 1 and Level 2.

Mandatory Level 3 Coursework (Must be completed before live workshop):

Where We Teach Level 3: Chandler, Arizona


Special Courses

LifeStretch® Online Course


LifeStretch® is a mobility-stretch class designed to help individual clients or group fitness members become more flexible in body, mind, and spirit. While most stretch formats target isolated, single muscles, LifeStretch progresses through entire chains of neuromyofascia. It starts in standing position with a flow that allows the participant to do a self-assessment, standing stretch movements then transitioning to a mat on the floor for pain-free mobilizations and stretches. The flow has a logical sequence, mobilizing joints and shorter chains of small muscles and fascia, progressing to longer chains of multiple joints and larger muscles and fascia. Participants are encouraged to explore the spaces in their own bodies with movements that are pain-free and efficient in a non-competitive atmosphere.

What It Does

LifeStetch is built on the principle that the brain learns movement patterns in multiple planes, not with uniplanar, isolated muscle contractions. It utilizes patterns that work with the biology of the human body, namely waves. Light waves enter the skin and eyes, activating physiological reactions that keep us alive and allow us to see. EKG signals are the waves of the heart as it oscillates and beats to create the waves of blood that pulse through our body. In keeping with that theme, LifeStretch uses the StretchWave™ to move the body in a comfortable undulating and oscillating fashion. It breaks through tissue restrictions by synchronizing breath with efficient movement, instead of painful or excessive force. With regular class participation, attendees will realize gains in mobility and function faster than ever before.

How It Works

LifeStretch is unique because the choreography uses self-traction to create space in joints. When traction during inhalation is followed by exhalation during the mobility-stretch sequences, range of motion increases rapidly without discomfort. Oscillation-circumduction mobilizations lubricate and warm up the joints prior to stretching, removing the risk of pain or a negative stretch reflex response from moving too fast or stretching too far. The brain and nervous system quickly learn the new movement patterns; proprioception, interoception and kinesthesia— the abilities to sense movement and respond quickly and accurately— are improved; and motor patterning is optimized for more efficient posture, gait, and other functional activities of daily living.

Contact Hours: CEUs pending

Location: Online

Prerequisite: Read Stretch to Win (2nd Edition) in full

Tuition: $199

Online Course Includes:

  • 32 instructional videos
  • 68-minute full class video
  • E-Manual
  • Certification exam
  • LifeStretch Instructor Certification, which allows you to teach LifeStretch classes in a group, or one-on-one setting (Valid for one year)
  • Access to online course materials for one year

Exam Details:

  • 20 multiple choice questions
  • 81 True/False questions


Sport Specific FST

Sport Specific training is available for practitioners who have completed all three levels of FST. During this two-day program, we’ll integrate all three levels of your training with new assessments and techniques specific to athletic performance, including:

  • Sport specific functional assessment
  • How to work with the sympathetic nervous system
  • Pre-game dynamic FST techniques to activate proprioception without lengthening tissue
  • New sport specific FST movement patterns focused on the core, hips, and shoulders

Upon receiving your Sport Specific FST certification, you become part of an elite referral group for professional and other high-performance athletes.