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Therapist Search
Who's Online Now?

Basic search: Finds therapists outside of the U.S. (as well as inside U.S. if radius search is not providing results)

Radius search: Finds therapists closest to you within the U.S. by a USPS verification system (therapist must have complete and verified USPS address to show in search)

Advanced Search: Best to use for more specific profile searches

Search field: To verify whether a therapist was trained & certified by Stretch to Win, place in the therapists name only in the Search field, then click 'Search'

Group drop-down: Select a Level in which you'd like to search, e.g. Level 1, 2 or 3 etc therapists. If the Level does not matter, leave the drop down blank.


Note: Please be aware that we do not have Practitioners in every zip/postal code.

Example: Searching for "smith" will retrieve anyone with "smith" in their profile, including those with the name of Smith.